UPDATED: Council Censor The Monkeyhouse

South Tyneside Council is at the centre of a bitter censorship row today after officials probably the Labour Leader of the Council Iain Malcolm ordered senior ICT staff to ban staff and elected members from accessing The Monkeyhouse, a controversial blog which was in part set up to expose the inner workings of the ruling Labour group. 

Speculation as to the real identity of The Monkey is rife but it is widely believed that he/she is either a close associate of the borough’s ruling elite or is an employee of the council.    

Since its appearance on the blog scene around two weeks ago The Monkeyhouse has become the most widely talked about blog in South Tyneside and The Monkey can confirm that the number of hits are rising daily.     

It was unclear today, who gave the order to ban the site, but the decision seems to have been made following a heated exchange between senior officers and the Labour Leader of the Council Iain Malcolm, who is apparently extremely concerned that he may become the next target of The Monkey’s keyboard!    

Although the site has been blocked on the council network, it remains freely available outside of the Town Hall and to anyone with access to a computer.     

Although The Monkey acknowledges that access to ‘external’ internet sites for personal use by council employees is a privilege and not a right, there are concerns as to the the real reasons why it has been decided the content of The Monkeyhouse is inappropriate.    

The Monkey would like to remind ‘nanny’ Iain that it is not just employees and elected members of the council who can look at The Monkeyhouse but the whole of the World Wide Web!    

Sorry Iain but your pathetic attempt at covering up what you really get up to censorship will only result in more visitors to The Monkeyhouse as even more people will now want to learn the truth about you and your mates.    

This crazy act of censorship has already led to a massive increase in traffic and the last 24 hours has seen record numbers of visitors to The Monkeyhouse, keep up the good work Iain you are doing far more to promote The Monkeyhouse than I got have ever dreamt about!    

7.30PM UPDATE: The Monkey has received confirmation that Iain Malcolm, Leader of the Council, ordered The Monkeyhouse, The Whip and Curly’s Corner Shop to be blocked from the council’s ICT network. However, he later instructed officers to unblock Curly’s Corner Shop which would suggest that Curly too is being manipulated by Mr Ego!       

Despite Iain Malcolm’s political experience it seems he has learned very little about censorship. The first lesson any dictator learns is to only use censorship as a last resort because when you ban something it guarantees everyone will want to see what all the fuss is about. 

The Monkey is delighted to reveal that despite Iain Malcolm’s efforts The Monkeyhouse has had another record day. I might pop into the Fountain for a swift one later, but if I don’t make it have one on me.  


2 Responses to UPDATED: Council Censor The Monkeyhouse

  1. […] Council Censors Change Their Minds Bloggers will recall that Iain Malcolm the council’s censorship ICT Department were ordered to block access to The Monkeyhouse from publicly funded council computers in a feable attempt to stifle free speech, click here. […]

  2. […] On 11th July access to The Monkeyhouse and Curly’s Corner Shop from council owned computers including those used by elected members was deliberately blocked, however, these restrictions were quickly removed for Curly’s Corner Shop, click here. […]

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