August 10, 2008

.. well nearly!

The ‘Monkey Makeover’ is finally complete and Mr Monkey has now moved to his new home at Mr Monkey’s Blog.

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'We've only moved folks'

'We've only moved folks'


Miliband Denounced

August 10, 2008

A senior minister has broken cover to denounce David Miliband’s attempt to present himself as a future Labour leader.

Jim Knight, the minister of state for schools said he is glad to see the back Foreign Secretary David Miliband has gone on holiday and went on to advise Mr Miliband to knuckle down and “play his part in Gordon’s government,” when he returns.


Mr Knight’s intervention, made in a newspaper interview, comes as Alan Milburn, the former health secretary who is being tipped to play a major role in a future Miliband-led government increased the pressure on Gordon Brown’s by demanding controversial reforms in education and health.


Labour’s summer of in-fighting started after Mr Miliband published an article in the Guardian, click here, shortly after Labour’s humiliating defeat in the Glasgow East by-election.


Many believe that Mr Miliband’s subsequent refusal to rule out a direct challenge to the Prime Minister has tightened the noose around Gordon’s neck and it’s only a matter of time before he releases the trap door.


Mr Knight clearly believes Mr Miliband is positioning himself as Labour’s leader-in-waiting and reckons it’s a good thing he’s not around to suffer the fall-out from his comments.


Mr Knight said, “It’s probably just as well that he’s enjoying himself on holiday and that has allowed the rest of us to get on with the day to day stuff of politics and taking on the Tories.”


In other words David shut your mouth and leave the real politics to the big boys!

Monkeys Scoop The Gazette Again

August 9, 2008

The Gazette seems has been scooped by the monkeys again!

Whilst the Gazette’s reporters were out on the lash overnight researching future stories the monkeys were working overtime to bring readers local news before anyone else.

Mr Monkeys Blog features two exclusive news stories, click here and here for details.

The speed and flexibility of local blogs makes you wonder whether there is any need for a local newpaper unless of course you are fascinated by Family Notices!

Monkey Puzzle Unravelled

August 9, 2008

Mr Monkey has finally revealed the answer to last week’s Monkey Puzzle, click here for details.

You Can Still Use Your Blackberry Folks

August 8, 2008
'Spin on this Iain'

'Spin on this Iain'

Even Emperor, Iain ‘Piggymus’ Malcolmus can’t manipulate Vodafone!

So you’re a councillor or senior officer and want access to The Monkeyhouse, MrMonkeysblog or Curly’s Corner Shop use your Blackberry. Despite strenuous efforts to stop you accessing these sites your Blackberry can’t be blocked by the Council’s self appointed censor and his minions.

To get access to the web from your Blackberry all you need do is go to the Vodafone Live page by clicking on the globe or www icon, wait till the page loads, and type in the blog address you want, it’s as simple as that! Alternatively click here for more detailed instructions.

Enjoy your Blackberry and make sure you keep a finger spare for Iain!

The ‘Thing’ Behind The Mask

August 8, 2008

Mr Monkey reckons he knows why Iain Malcolm wears a mask .. no it’s nothing kinky, at least that we know about! Apparently it’s something to do with his profession, click here to learn more.

“The Best Council At Failing To Deal With Elder Abuse”

August 8, 2008
'Nancy welcomes you to Colditz'

'Nancy welcomes you to Colditz'

Seems those egotistical and self opinionated senior officers and councillors at South Tyneside Council have cause to celebrate lick their wounds today having picked up yet another award, albeit one they didn’t apply for which I suppose makes a change!

The award for ‘Best Council At Failing To Deal With Elder Abuse’ was presented by the Local Government Ombudsman in a report published yesterday, click here to view the full report.

The 15 page document lambastes South Tyneside Council for causing “significant injustice” to two older people for failing to deal with their claims of harassment by their sheltered housing warden, Nancy Storey.

The Ombudsman ruled that the council’s failure to deal with the complaints left the neighbours – known as Mr P and Mrs S – living in an atmosphere of “harassment and fear” which eventually forced them to move out. The scheme was owned by the council and run by the infamous South Tyneside Homes, an arms-length management organisation with a poor reputation and complacent attitude.

The council has accepted and had no choice but to act on the Ombudsman’s recommendations to rehouse Mr P and Mrs S, pay for their moving expenses and reimburse the costs they incurred in moving out of the scheme.
South Tyneside Homes were also forced to pay them £2,500 compensation each, in recognition of the time, trouble and distress they experienced. 
Mr Monkey has also learned that as well as giving them the pick of any of their accommodation they have carried out extensive adaptions, refurbishment and upgrading of both properties.

The case began in 2004 after Mr P, who has mobility difficulties, complained that the warden had let an unattended repair engineer into his flat. He claimed that she then became abusive toward him and Mrs S and incited other residents to be hostile towards them.

The problem escalated and on one occasion the warden’s daughter turned up outside Mr P’s flat in the middle of the night shouting death threats. The incident was caught on tape and an ombudsman investigator described the recording as “harrowing”.

The investigation also revealed concerns from other residents, including from an older woman who said the warden ran the scheme “like Colditz”.

The report found that the council “completely failed to undertake any proper investigation” into the complaints and that a separate adult protection investigation regarding Mr P, which was supposed to be completed within 15 days, “meandered on for over six months”.

The warden Mrs Storey has been on extended sick leave since 2005 and has still to face any disciplinary action but in the meantime she has left the warden’s bungalow and has been rehoused by South Tyneside Homes in one of the more sought after bungalows in Jarrow!

Seems even Labour Council Leader Iain Malcolm is finding it difficult to spin his way out of this one but then I suppose he can always claim it didn’t happen under his watch. Although after all the recent hypocritical “we love” you Paul Waggott crap he can’t be seen to push the knife in his back any further .. at least not just yet!